Lean Auto

Lean Auto

LeanAuto in an innovative and collaborative operations platform built on proven LEAN management principals, designed specifically for auto body shops and the surrounding value chain, including post-sale suppliers and auto insurance providers.

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For the Auto Repair Workshop:

  • Optimize operations at your workshop using the industry-proven LEAN production method: better productivity, processing, cost efficiency, scheduling, resource coordination and supply chain management.
  • Monitor your repair and maintenance line and synchronize partners in real-time (paint suppliers, insurance claim agents, etc.), keeping the entire value chain on the same page.
  • Engage your customers with real-time status updates on their vehicle. Improve turnaround and provide customers with accurate completion times for maximum satisfaction.

For the Insurance Provider:

  • Link your partner repair workshops to an efficient and coordinated network, optimizing your full claim process.
  • Provide your clients with a transparent and real-time view of their vehicle’s repair process.

For the Post-Sales Supplier and Distributors:

  • Monitor partner repair workshops processes to ensure a certified application of your product.
  • Engage your supply chain and maintain customer loyalty.

Rate of Return (€ x € on invest)

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