Lean Booth

Data driven results

By combining data from workshops, distributors and paint manufacturers, we obtain relevant information for the daily management of the customer results.  LEAN Booth enables a joint assessment between workshops and distributors to follow-up on compliance and agreements, and manufacturers to take into account the current status of the products and areas for improvements. Our platform is a loyalty tool for all parties involved, specially Paint Materials Providers.


Recovery: Get the amounts derived from operational inefficiencies. 

Transparency: Take the pulse of the relationship with your customer, and control compliance of commercial agreements and their evolution.

Quality: Identify the use of materials and track them in operations, and know if they are being applied properly.

Efficiency: Optimize the supply and use of paint materials, which represent 10-15% of a repair’s cost.  This impact has a multiplier effect on the cost statement.

Rate of Return (€ x € on invest)

€ recovered

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